18 July 2008

Another use for carrot tops

I like carrots. And indeed, I like the tops of them too. They're good for compost, surely, but also nice to munch... But indeed, one can use them in place of parsley in taboule. And if you replace the wheat with quinoa, the result is fast and tasty. For instance, start boiling

1 cup quinoa
2-1/4 cup water

and chop

5 carrot tops

very finely, along with

1 diced tomato.

When the quinoa has finished cooking (about 10 minutes), put it in a strainer and rinse with cold water until cool. Mix the tomato, tops, and quinoa with generous

olive oil
lemon juice

and add salt and pepper to taste.

The resulting dish is somewhat less "sharp" tasting than parsely, and seems less likely to be overdone.