27 June 2021

Amazing Burgers

This is still under construction…  making this to attempt to recreate what I did last night…


5c rolled oats

2c gluten flour 

2T pink salt

1/2c chopped dry onion (Costco. Not onion powder)

1/2c yellow nutritional yeast

2T Italian spice mix

1/2t harrisa powdered spice


7 1/2 c (+/-) boiling water

1/3c oil

8oz can of tomato sauce

Mix all dry items together 

Mix oil and tomato sauce in.

Add water until it’s right. 

Sit 10 or 15 minutes 

Cooking Sheet: 2T oil each (3 sheets)

Patties: 1/3c each, shape/flatten. 11 or 12 to a sheet. Spray with oil on top.  Makes about 3 dozen.

Oven: 350 F 12.5 min flip patties, swap shelves, 12.5 more min or until done