18 February 2018

Vegan French Toast

The new neighbors brought over some "country bread" that just looked like it ought to be made into French Toast.  So here is my try:

1c oats
1c flour
1T baking powder
3T sugar

Then I added several cups of cashew milk and water.
There was slightly more milk than water. By the time I added
the liquid, the blender was 3/4 full or fuller.

I added cinnamon and some oil and a little salt to the mix.

This seems to be working.  It covers more bread than I expected. Probably 1 1/2 to 2 loaves easily. The bread soaks up the liquid faster, so you may need to add a little liquid to the batter as you go, maybe halfway through.

09 February 2018


This is just "beans", until I find a better name.

2 t black mustard seeds.
1T oil initially, start heating up those seeds while you cut the..
2 Onions, cut up into half-rings. 
Add to the oil.
1/8 c of Badia Curry
1/8 c of white vinegar
1/8 c honey.

a 15 oz can of beans (white northern, small white etc...)

I kept adding oil as needed to keep the thing from burning or looking dry.
This is served atop rice. Add salt to taste.